Crossroads has opportunities for individuals or groups to                                    
serve  through long or short term projects.

Youth groups, church groups, college programs, medical groups, and people
simply  dedicated  to working together to help those in need are welcome to
contact Crossroads to arrange a way to serve. Crossroads has two large dorms
on site that accommodate a total of 45 group members. Groups are
encouraged to schedule months in advance, length of stay is flexible.

Individual volunteers have the freedom to
dedicate as much or as little time as they
have available to a creative service project.
Your project can work to solve a need that
most stirs your heart with the support of
Crossroads staff. Contact us or take a look at
our Dream with Us page for inspiration.

Telephone: (809) 571-2286 or (809) 430-5505
Email: crossroadsdr@yahoo.com


Many people are unable to travel overseas and sending packages of
donated items can become very costly to ship and receive. If your heart
has been moved by the plight of the poor Dominicans and you would like
to help out in some other way you can donate to Crossroads directly. Your
contribution will be used to supply food and other basic life necessities for
the extremely poor we serve every day.

Check Out our

Checks can be mailed to:

Agape Flights SGO 12999
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, Florida 34285

If you would like to make a donation online.  
Please visit our American Website @
http://drcrossroadsusa.org and
press the "donate" button.  (
In the comments window, please indicate what
you would like your donation to go towards.)

Feel free to specify a program you would like  your contribution to